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HC Performance OTS MAP

F9X S63T4 HCP Pumpgas / E40 map (2 maps)

F9X S63T4 HCP Pumpgas / E40 map (2 maps)

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Black Friday offer F9X S63T4 stock turbo HCP map

This product applies for:

BMW F9X M5 F90 (including LCI) / M8 F9X and X5M F95 / X6M F96

Try our proven pumpgas and E40 maps! This bundle gives access to both.

Depending on the octane of the pumpgas, we usually see the following numbers on an AWD Dynojet:

Pumpgas (93+ Octane / 98+RON): 680-720WHP
E40 Octane: 750-780WHP

After purchase has been completed, make sure to send a tune request in the bootmod3 app/web to HC Performance and include your mods, octane (for pumpgas) and order number. Then we will quickly provide the requested map.

Mods required are high-flow downpipes, midpipe and a TCU tune (e.g. xHP).
We recommend high-flow drop-in air filters.


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